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Free HGLRC Zeus F722 For reviews - iNav & Betaflight

Hello guys, are you looking for some new FCs? Try the new HGLRC Zeus F722 FC for FREE😍😍 All you need is to post a review about it!

This FC supports Betaflight, emuflight, and iNav (available soon). It is one of our most reliable FCs. After the price drop, it is currently only $26.99! 😮about the same price as an F4 FC.

We have prepared thousands of these Zeus F722 FC. Hope you guys enjoying testing them!🥳 Rules in the link below

Hello Jason! If you have not used our brand, I understand why you hesitate. We set up the deposit just to prevent someone who gets the review set but not doing a review. We welcome any kind of reviews, as long as you help us share it. It does not have to be about the good sides of the FC. You can review it with your true experience. You can get the refund very easily.