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Free Profile Airplane Drawings


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I was researching looking for the owner of a Cessna T50 Bobcat drawing that I have been using to make a foam model of that Cessna twin and it was originated and was downloaded from this site. www.the-blueprints.com/. Check it out. They have 80,000 free blueprints to download. Profile drawings of just about every aircraft you can imagine, Modern 9777, WW2 7527, WW1 534, SciFi 2741 (it has all the star-wars fighters). Here is the drawing that I'm using to scratch build my Cessna T50. I plan to do a thread on it in the near future. I'm building Version #1 out of the old white foam to help me in drawing pencil lines and cutting. Also a shot of current progress, not glued up. propped up to see what it's going to look like. Maybe I'll do a build thread on #2 if the first one flies more than three seconds!:p :) Happy Trails Fred

cessna-t-50-uc-78-bobcat.png GOPR0490.JPG