Help! Ft Adventure motor retrofit plane thing.


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Hello. Sorry about the title, but I have no idea what to call this. I have a (mostly) functional Ft Adventure and a problem. I am still a beginner and the Adventure is simply too fast for me. I am basically flying in circles. What I do have is the motor, a 2630 Kv mystery layout motor and a matching 6A esc to go with it, as well as a prop and an omp hobby 300mah 2 cell for it. I am wondering if there is a design out there that is either foamboard or 3D printed that meets the requirements below as close as possible.

- use a similar motor
-use a similar prop, I would be okay with getting a new one
-preferably a pusher (less broken props) but a tractor would work just as well
-slow and easy to manuver
-plenty of inside space for a 300mah 2-cell battery, flysky fs-ia6b (without the cover) and possibly an ft aura board.
-made either out of foamboard or 3d printed

It would be fine if I need to get a smaller reciever.
I think that there is some design out there that would work well.