FT AR 830


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Last winter I got into wings and fell in love with the AR wing 900. My first build was an APM 2.8 mini with mavlink. Was a pain to tune but worked great once dialed in (and I figured out ardupilot). That one wound up 50kmh through a barbed wire fence. So I bought another, move my gear over and added a sunny sky 2216 1400kv. Was a blast to fly but I needed 4-5000mah of battery to get the CG. She lost a servo and lawn darted, however the wings survived (mostly). So I decided to rebuild her with weight foremost in mind. I was getting very porky with the sunnysky and batteries. To the point that landings were... Fast. I wanted low kv, largeish prop, run either my 2200 3s or 1300-1550 4s without shifting a lot for CG. Next I wanted to try using an old Mamba f405 that I had lost confidence in for some reason months ago. Loaded iNav 2.52 and after some head scratching, have the Full Monty with modes. I've got some build pics so I'll run through what I did and try to explain some of my reasoning. Keep em Level!
Diatone Mamba f405
Matek pdb Bec
AKK DVR/vtx foxeer pagoda
Flysky fs-x6b
Betaflight 35a blheli32 esc
iPower 2212 1000kv
APC pusher 8060
Sunfounder clutch 9g digital servos
APM ublox gps (compass disconnected)
3 in 1 camera control switch
Generic 1000tvl CMOS fore camera
Caddix micro f2 aft camera