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Ft Arrow not working with Talon 15

Hey Flitetest community. This is my first post, I would appreciate if someone helped me out here. So I have an FT ARROW, set up with a talon 15. I do not have the talon software or the castle link. It goes to full throttle every time I have about above 30% throttle stick. Is it set to governer mode beforehand? If so or if not, do I need the castle link to fix this and how can I do so?

Appreciate all the help,

I am using a dx6i with an 800 mah 3s, and a 2300kv motor with a 5x3 prop. All the servos are setup right, just this one problem with the talon esc from castle creations.
First check your throttle curve. it should be linear. If it is, look up the setup sheet for the Castle and check the procedure to reset it. Castle has two different ways to reset ESC's and would hate to tell you the wrong way.
Just another note is that without a load, it will sound as if it is running 100% at a lesser throttle setting.
Choose your aircraft on your transmitter, scroll down to "Setup List" and go to the setup menu. Scroll down to "Monitor" and you will see all the graph of all the throws. Without the aircraft plugged in, operate all the axis and you will see the monitors move. Typically the Throttle will start at about 1/4 throw and end about 3/4 throw but it should be linear. I have done this and found bad settings on my program before.
Ok, thats normal. Sounds like you need to set the ESC. Check the website for the proper procedure to reset the Speed controller that I posted. Like I said, I would hate to tell you the wrong procedure.