ft arrow

  1. duckduckgoose

    Ft Arrow Spear Conversion

    So a while ago I built a 120% mini arrow, which is fairly close in size to the FT Spear. It's a great flying plane but as arrow owners would understand, there isn't a lot of strength in the pod keeping the two wing halves supported, and they tend to get a spongy feeling. I crashed recently and...
  2. Mighty mini arrow and drone

    Mighty mini arrow and drone

    One of my favorite on how they fly the ft arrow and a cheese drone
  3. Dr. Looping Looie

    The Longbow, the perfect adittion for your arrow

    An Arrow doent make sense if you have no bow. So this thing is a great addition to your arrow, although its flying caracteristics are the complete opposite. Its so slow and gentle that you can chase it by running or fly a few inches low over the ground, but it has enouth power for unlimited...
  4. A

    hiya and anyone reccomend a camera vtx combo for the arrow for under 50

    hiya my names antonio and if you want to know more about me check out my profile ive loved rc scince i was 3 and ive just gotten into building speedbuildkits and i was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for a good camera vtx combo for under $50 for the ft arrow. perferably plug and fly...
  5. C

    New FT ARROW

    Hey guys, I just built my the arrow as my first wing. Ive only started flying recently on the apprentice, and I've learned fairly quickly. Since this is supposed to be a race wing, I put a little shorter prop on the wing. Will make it docile enough, or should I switch from 3s to 2s 800mah as...
  6. O

    Insane FT Arrow, 2500 degrees/second Flat Spin

    Felt obligated to share this crazy thing my roommate recently made. With 2400kv 1808s set up on reversing afro 30 amps this thing is able to rotate about its yaw axis at about 400RPM. I don't think there has ever been any FT arrow able to do this. When parallel to the horizon, it is almost...
  7. C

    Ft Arrow not working with Talon 15

    Hey Flitetest community. This is my first post, I would appreciate if someone helped me out here. So I have an FT ARROW, set up with a talon 15. I do not have the talon software or the castle link. It goes to full throttle every time I have about above 30% throttle stick. Is it set to governer...
  8. agentkbl


    so i heve never flown an rc airplane before, but i have flown a real airplane before. (cessna skyhawk 172 call tag 56r) i am planning to get the ft arrow to learn on, with a dx-6 transmitter and a pack for power. what kind of reciever do i want to use? is there a size or weight issue with using...