FT Attic Auction Idea

crash bandicoot

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I was thinking that maybe you guys could raise some money for FT, FT Extra, or a charity by cleaning out the Flite Test HQ attic and selling some of the things in it in some sort of auction. I know to the FT guys that most of that stuff must seem like junk, but a beat up FT flyer with someone's signature on it would mean the world to a fan. You could even just make it like a garage sale added to FT the store in the tent and put up some price tags so Jen could ring them up for people if you like. Just an idea. I figured that you will have to clean that out soon anyway since Rocket the Raccoon was living up there and making himself a nice home.


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Maybe during an open house. That would be a perfect time and I'm sure a lot of people would love a souvenir other than the regular swag...


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Yeah, they mentioned they wanted to do more gift giving than they did at last year's event. Maybe?