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FT Duster Wing Slot

Maybe this has been brought up before, but the wing slot in the FT duster fuselage is considerably undersized, and does not take into consideration the linkage stoppers. I adjusted the slot myself with marginal success, but I do think it is something flite test should correct.
So far from flite test I have scratch built the Tiny Trainer, Fokker DR1, Simple Soarer, Mini Sportster, Mini Scout, and FT Duster. The FT Duster has been my least favorite build, and I think it is because it is an earlier design, and I found things just did not flow during the construction. I hope they revamp the FT duster in the near future.


Flite is good
In the build video, I believe, Josh does not install the linkage stopper till after the wing is in place.

Basic flow is: build the wing with the centered servo in. Tape the servo lead flush with its access hole. Rotate the servo arm down. Insert the wing. Install linkage stopper, pushrod and control horn.

Use the table as your friend. Don't forget the rocking motion.

I hope you enjoy the Duster. Sounds like you have a pretty diverse FT fleet.
i struggled with the wing hole too. had to do some modification. in the end it worked out pretty well, and he flies great, but it was much harder than josh made it look.