FT Explorer 60%


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Allo everyone !

I started the build of a FT Explorer 60%. I ordered the Motor,ESC,servos and propellers of a Zohd drift glider .

ftexpl 016.JPG
ftexpl 022.JPG


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Made this FT Explorer 55% out of Depron, motor 1811 2000kv, prop 4.75x4.75, 15a esc, 2s 450mah, 5g servos, this thing flies so nice but when wind comes its a little unstable cause of light weight and underpower motor.


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I'm building a 65% FT Explorer with a friend based on a 2280 kv motor 12a esc. I just ordered 2 850 mah batteries also. Is a 6.45 prop overkill, or should we go smaller?


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Its more about what the motor can stand than what the plane needs. You don't have to use full power.

I have a home design pusher that only ever uses full power for a "show off" full power vertical climb or a grass "slide" take off and then only for about 10 seconds. The rest of the time it flies on much reduced throttle. Kind to the LiPo and the motor.