scratch build

  1. Jonny Gum

    80" Bonanza A36 (1/5 Scale)

    My most recent project has been adapting an old balsa design into foamboard, arrows, plywood, and balsa. It will use the FT Monster Radial Motor with a 16x8x3 prop (scale size), and will feature retracts, flaps, and scale lighting. I'm trying out a couple new construction techniques with this...
  2. TheOldMonk

    Help! Ideal weight deviation range for FT Scratch Builds to get similar performance.

    My scratch build FT Simple Scout AUW is 603 grams with 1300 mAh and 665 grams with 1800 mAh - that is 12% & 24% respectively more than what is mentioned on plans i.e. 535 grams. What is the weight deviation range that can be taken in Flitetest scratch builds to get similar Flight performance as...
  3. dryhiker

    100 gram airplane builds

    Flying in Japan got crazy last year with new regulations similar to those in the US. In Japan after registering your plane you must inform the government that you intend to fly. You must have a spotter to ensure that you don't exit the boundaries of your flying site. You must inform the...
  4. billyshaw22

    Wings Over Edgewater 2023 builds?

    So last year I had built the big 126" 37.5% Sopwith Camel and tested it at Wings Over Edgewater, is there anyone doing something like that this year? If so what are you working on and how is it coming along? Im thinking of doing another project this year, but this time doing something with a...
  5. PropHawk

    Help! Want to build using measurements only

    My computer died many months ago. I have no way to print plans or play War Thunder and my life has been incomplete Haha. Anyways, could someone please help me figure how to build a 2 sheet, high wing, 3-4 channel, 36"-48" span, single or twin engine plane I can gain flying experience with...
  6. Minton

    First Scratch Build

    About a month and a half ago I ordered the FT Trainer kit along with everything else I needed to get started with RC aircraft. I had such a blast with it that I decided to try and design and build my very own plane. I'm new to flying planes but had previously modeled an RC plane for my school's...
  7. ramarao

    RC Sea Plane Build with Depron

    This is my new scratch build RC sea plane with 12mm depron. Electronics: A2212 - 2200KV BLDC Brushless Motor 30A esc 6x4.5 bullnose propeller 1300mah 3s battery 9g servos Total weight with battery:668g
  8. MLGSwagPilot

    My second attempt at building an RC Plane (Scratch-Built) (CRASHED!!!)

    Hey everyone! My name is Tommaso, I live in Italy and this is my first post on the FT Forum: I wanted to share with you guys my experience in building and flying my second scratch built rc plane. Around summer '20 I decided to start building a RC plane: at first, I wanted to make a 1m wingspan...
  9. Mid7night

    Giant 1/4 Scale C-47

    I've shared a lot of this on social media - and I've felt bad for not being on the forums in a while - so especially now that it's flown I want to make sure there's a place here on the FT Forums where I can engage, answer questions, and connect with everyone who isn't on the "other" places. So...
  10. Beaver5150

    Scratch Built Front-steering Tricopter: The Stinger

    I'm new here, but Ive been on other forums and in the hobby for over 10 years. This is my 3rd Multi-rotor build in a few months, each one morphing into the next. This one isn't pure scratch, but made from an Eachine tilt rotor 180 frame and parts of a wrecked MSH Mini Protos 450 heli and are...
  11. zdsweet

    Taking Our Plane for a Walk - Scratch Built STOL Project

    I'll let the video do the bulk of the talking - but here's our take on proof that you don't have to build something aesthetically pleasing or even perfect to an aero engineer's standards to get it to fly well. 😁 In this case, we built a crazy light STOL plane and went and walked it on a...
  12. ergomir

    JF-17 Thunder Scratchbuild and Elevons use...

    Hi to all the FT community !!! Few years ago i made this JF-17 Thunder, (kind of, semi scale) and i upload an article to the site, (You can find it in the article section) but soon after that y give it as a present to a friend for his birthday. Nowdays he doesn´t fly anymore and offer me the...
  13. ramarao

    GEOBAT Rc Plane Build

    Hi all This is My latest build Geobat RC Plane Build with 5mm Depron Electronics: 2200kv motor 30A esc 6inch propeller 1300mah 3s lipo
  14. MiniacRC

    Plane MiniacRC Mighty Mini P-51B/C Mustang Free Plans 1.0

    MINIACRC MIGHTY MINI P-51B/C MUSTANG FREE PLANS AND BUILD GUIDE For a flight video and more details about this build, please visit the official release thread for the design: Cheers!
  15. MiniacRC

    MiniacRC Mighty Mini P-51B/C Mustang FREE PLANS

    MINIACRC MIGHTY MINI P51B/C MUSTANG BUILD About six years ago, the build video of the original FliteTest Mighty Mini P-51D Mustang was released on Youtube as part of a challenge between Josh Bixler and Peter Sripol: how fast can you go with one sheet of foamboard? Among other influences from...
  16. ramarao

    Delta plane using low density foam(EPS foam)

    Hi this delta plane build using low density Thermcoal(EPS Foam)with butter paper lamination
  17. floatyflyer

    FT Mustang Build

    Just finished scratch building this mustang from DTFB and tried painting foam board for the first time! I just applied spray paint straight on the foam board and hand cut the vinyl decals. I’m very happy with how it turned out! The vinyl doesn’t seem to stick great on the paint but it hasn’t...
  18. All the parts cut from regular white foam board

    All the parts cut from regular white foam board

  19. Fuselage starting to come together

    Fuselage starting to come together

  20. Maxx

    FT Explorer 60%

    Allo everyone ! I started the build of a FT Explorer 60%. I ordered the Motor,ESC,servos and propellers of a Zohd drift glider .