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scratch build

  1. Chuppster

    The scratch-built twin-EDF CH-F14

    The F-14 has some of my favorite curves of any jet, and I would love to scratch build one out of foam. So, I'm here to begin my efforts! I'm still in the process of drawing the plans and I am totally looking for any advice anyone has. This is also my first build without anyone's plans to hold...
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  7. fliteadmin

    Plane FliteTest Nutball (demo post) 2018-04-24

    [Resource Demo Post] The FT Nutball is an extremely easy to build air frame designed specifically for our 'swappable fuselage' series (airplanes with a swappable powerpod). Click the download button to get the plans! 3D Preview Specs Weight without battery - 7.5 oz (212 grams) Wingspan -...
  8. Power_Broker

    Arduino RC Plane Flight!

    Hey guys, Check out this video of my most recent Arduino based scratch built RC airplane! Right now it is manually flown (with a scratch built Arduino transmitter), but I plan on developing autopilot modes and eventually make it fully autonomous - including takeoff and landing. The main...
  9. kpixels

    450 Quadcopter Frame From PolyFlex Pressure Pipe

    This $4 frame has no screws, is very rigid and weighs less than the flamewheel. The ESCs are inside the 1" arms/tubes which is more durable and reduces the drag. Illuminati flight controller with on screen display, Xiaomi Yi camera, 600 mw video transmitter, 2212/920 KV motors, SimonK 30 amp...
  10. C

    Oversized props?

    So I currently have a Hobby Zone Super Cub W/SAFE and the airframe is pretty broken and damaged, but however still very repairable. But since I've been wanting to build my own plane for a while now, I was thinking about using the parts in the Cub and using them in my new plane. I also lost my...
  11. menachg

    need advice on choosing diy plans for quad frame

    hey guys its great coming back here after a few years without serious building in the hobby for me i have a lot expirience in fixed wing and scratch builds and i like this aspect of how flitetest used to be all about taking day to day materials and construcing them into a working flying frame. i...
  12. Lancenlink

    Scratch build Su-47 ideas?

    Ok so here goes my 3rd post on this amazing website. To summarize this thread, This is going to be my first scratch build without plans and I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Now that the summary is over here's my idea. The Russian Su-47 has been a favorite of mine for many reasons...
  13. R

    3D printing is more affordable so....

    I wish some talented FT fan would bridge the gap between 3D printing and FT scratch builds. I would love to see, for example. The FT Explorer, 3d printed Cockpit and rudder\elevator section. Leaving the wing and fuselage still made out of dollar tree foam.. I'm sure many FT scratch builds could...
  14. Y

    Just need some help with the math.

    Hello! I am trying to design my first aircraft, and I am having problems with using the wing loading. I have decided that the plane will be 1600 grams and have a wing area of 300 dm^2. The wings will have 225 dm^2 with an aspect ratio of ten. ________________________________...
  15. M

    Prototype: Foam Board/3D printed Trainer

    Introduction About a year and a half ago I designed my first RC aircraft. A smaller high wing with a 28 inch wingspan. It was built with the intention to be a slower flying and stable trainer capable of most acrobatics. That was easily constructed with a minimum of foam board and 3D printed...
  16. R

    Roughly 1/10 scale Heinkel 111 : 2.25m (7' 4") wing span

    So a few days ago I started pondering over the concept of building an RC heinkel 111. I've always had a strong fondness for this plane, and found its smooth curves and eliptical wings very aesthetically pleasing. I then thought about building it to the same scale as the FT spitfire, realising...
  17. FoamyDM

    FTFC'18 WWII SAM-7 designed by FoamyDM

    This Build thread will tackle the Russian Fighter Escort Moskalev SAM-7 "Sigma" in the great effort for Russia to design effective Tailless Craft for the promise of greater maneuverability, speed, fuel efficiency and larger threat zone in combat. The project is spurred on by the FliteTest Forum...
  18. M

    Scratch built 70mm EDF fighter jet

    I was inspired to attempt to create my own designs after finishing up an FT Viggen. This is a model designed by me although I must admit it turned out very similar to an F-16 style aircraft. I model the aircraft using blender in 3D and then utilize UV mapping and some plugins to "unfold" the 3D...
  19. ItMightFly

    Supah Bype Build

    Hey! This is my first build that is purely scratch, and my design. It is loosely based on the Ultimate Biplane, should turn out nice. I have built one already, did not fly very well (don't use Elmer's FB), made some changes and hope they work! Last night I drew new plans, and cut them out...
  20. M

    Hello FT community!

    Well hello! I've been watching FT videos for a while now and finally decided to get my feet wet. My first build was a mini mustang, but I soon realized it was too heavy to fly...it was made out of elmers foam board. After 6 months of waiting, the local dollar tree finally stocked white foam...