FT mini scout snoopy figure

FT mini scout snoopy figure different snoopy version

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mackaiver submitted a new resource:

FT mini scout snoopy figure - the flying ace so you fly like an ace

this is a mini scout size snoopy build process
step 1 use a glue stick and glue the 2 snoopy on 2 pieces of foamboard
step 2cut on the black line
step 3 glue two half's of snoopy together( might want to reinforce the neck and scarf area, but is not needed)
step 4 cut appropriate sized slot on you ft mini scout. then attach Velcro to the bottom of snoopy and then Velcro in the slot on your scout.( best if you have wing in, you can glue him in but this way you can still flip the plane over and...

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