FT Old Speedster (My first Swappable)


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This is my first scratch build. I am very new to the hobby itself, but have been building and fabricating with mane materials since very young. It's a perk of being part of a family with mostly engineers (I am a software engineer myself)

Pieces have been cut.
2014-01-04 19.26.25.jpg

All put together, with some extra black/red gorilla tape for added graphics and strength (Wings also have bbq skewers on the leaded edge)



2014-01-16 02.22.55.jpg

The next few shots are from a foam made canopy covered with packing tape. Resembles an old warbird canopy. Has a BBQ skewer towards the front, used to secure the canopy to the fuselage with 2 small rubber bands and the BBQ Skewer from the power pod. I was pleased with the result but not satisfied...
2014-01-16 02.23.54.jpg

2014-01-16 02.40.25.jpg





So, this is canopy v2. Made with a piece of a 2 liter pepsi bottle (Top, near the opening). Using the same system to hold it down as the previous canopy.

Rough cut.

Final version
2014-01-16 22.21.30.jpg

2014-01-16 22.22.06.jpg

She is all done. Tomorrow my OrangeRx T-Six will be here and she will maiden. Only Tx i have is the Champ's, and has not reversing or expos, which i will need.



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Looks VERY good. Be sure to film the maiden. I'm sure we would all love to see it. What did you use for the colors?


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Looks great!. Been flying my Old Fogey for a week or so now and love it. The Old Speedster will be my next build. The canopy ideas you've tried are very cool. Let us know how the maiden goes.

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Nice job
I liked the looks of the canopy frame on the plane and thought it looked somewhat like a zero type canopy.
Happy flying and good landings.


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Looks VERY good. Be sure to film the maiden. I'm sure we would all love to see it. What did you use for the colors?

I bought a roll of gorilla tape (Black), my dad happened to have a roll of industrial, red gorilla type of tape, but much wider ( it is about 6 inches wide)

Thanks for the warm welcome and i will make sure i film the maiden!!!

Safe landings.


Great looking plane! I like the canopy ideas. Mine wants to turn left real bad even with the asymetrical wing layout. Once I got it trimmed out, it flies pretty good. Make sure it is balanced, mine turned out pretty tail heavy, but I could probably just go with a bigger battery.