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FT Spitfire


Looks like my man cave will soon be a bit more crowded. The minwax oil base undercoat is going to make all the foamies a lot more fun to fly, I laugh at you wet grass! HAha Honestly Im a bit disappointed in David not having at least one of the swarm rigged for a unexpected "bang" lol I guess Ill have to make do with Chads battery pod bomb drop.


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I can't wait to build this beast!!! Wednesday can't come soon enough. Great job guys, can't wait to see what is next in the swap-able series.


I'm a care bear...Really?
This might end up in the build stable.... ill play it safe and support flite test and buy the speed build. With my F-18 using the swappable pod all i will have to do is switch two wires and turn the prop over and ill have a nice combo for this plane.
Thinking about using poly acrylic, which is waterborne polyurethane. Using this on dollar tree foam board, might release the paper. Maybe I should just wait rather professionals to show me .....I am so excited about this spit.........Now a German FW-109 or a Japanese Zero.......Love Flitetest
Any Idea when the Build Plans will become available?

Really looking forward to building this one

Oh and what size spinner fits best?


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I didn't see the airbrush video yet, I think they said it would be released Wednesday. So use polyurethane, like minwax? I would love to try this method on the baby blender....FT excellent work!


Did anyone else catch how David launched his plane? He just grabbed it above the canopy and shoved it straight up in the air full throttle. He's such a tough guy lol
I'm curious if they will be able to mount retracts on the spitfire? still cool if they dont. Once i finish my current plane i'm totally building one of these.

They mentioned the motors they are using, i wonder how the 1300kv blue wonder would go? so same powerplant as the bloody wonder