FT Spitfire

FT Spitfire 1.1


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I’ve flown the Storch, a couple Cubs, and a Scout. The Scout is the easiest to fly of the bunch. Storch is second best. It just floats and never stalls. It lands flawlessly too. My favorite trainer overall is the Tiny Trainer, but I have extra B pack motors to give away. I was wondering if the Swappable Spitfire was close, since I’ve heard good things about it, but you guys told me what I needed to know, so I’ll stick with the Scout. Thanks! 🙂


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Hey, digging up an old thread here. How would you say the swappable Spitfire would work as a first plane for somebody? I’m going to build and fly a plane with a friend’s kid in a couple weeks and considering what to build. It needs to be a B pack because I have some to give away. The Scout is my current choice, but the Spitfire looks appealing. Would you say it flies nearly as easily as the Scout? Thanks!
@Foam Force, they are about same in my eyes. I personally love the Old Fogey. it is slow, quick to build. it can have Ailerons cut after. but the spitfire is a decent trainer with low throws.