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FT Versa Wing Bold - A modified version of the versa wing

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share my latest build. It is a modified version of the Versa Wing. It is slightly bigger with a straight body section in the middle. I increased the cord length in the middle and also increased the spar height in the middle slightly to have more room to fit a battery inside. For this particular model I will just install a power pod in the front as a tractor. I will post more pics as the build moves forward.

This version will allow for a much larger prop in the back as a pusher as well. Also I will mount the servos vertically sticking out of the top of the wing on each side as I find it easier to get access to the control horn.

I have attached the plans I made. They need some tweaking while building but overall not too bad.

View attachment FT Versa Bold 1.pdf
View attachment FT Versa Bold 2.pdf
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
Nice Mega! u beat me to it!! I got some ideas for this one that are out of this world. heh. I'm very curious to hear how it flies.
Wow that has massive center section. How did you mount the electronics and how does it fly?

I haven't had much time to build lately but I was able to create a custom power pod to fit the design. I made it a little narrower to fit the FT Elements pusher firewall I cut out along with making it longer and taller. I plan to make this a glider wing that will be very efficient to hopefully one day buy FPV gear and stick it on there.

It's rainy here in Toronto so I doubt I will be able to fly it anytime soon but I will post a video of the maiden when the weather clears.

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Your ahead of me. I haven't finished it yet (I usually have 5 or more projects I am working on at a time) but it is roughly patterned and will be laid out like the "Hercules" or "Deep Reaper XL" of Crash Test Hobby. Center section is one piece of foam board wide. Outer sections are basically copy's of the Versa Wing sections. I am working on another model that will be approximately 2 meters in span that is using similar technique but extending the Versa Wing sections out beyond the standard plan wingtips and will use a 10" center section. I am thinking twin pusher's for the big one. I also intend to laminate the wing as well.

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So I was finally able to maiden the Versa Wing Bold. It flew great after some trimming and CG issues. I used the flying wing CG website to find the exact CG and it worked really well. http://rcwingcog.a0001.net/V3_testing/index.html

I had to change it from a pusher to a tractor because it was easier to balance out. This will make a great FPV platform in the summer.

It is very uneventful video but just shows how it flies on a park 450 with an 8x4 prop. I will put putting on an 8x8 soon :)
After trimming it out is flies hands free. It feels like a gentle giant in the air compared to the regular Versa Wing. Very stable and great for low speed flying. At 1/4 throttle is just cruised along happily.

Here are a few pictures of the Versa Wing Bold in all its glory and compared to a regular Versa Wing (I built this for my uncles 60th birthday today).

The black tape on the Bold wing is deceiving and makes it look like it has a pointed nose but it still has the 15cm wide blunt nose.