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FT Versa wing issues...


Junior Member
I enjoyed building the versa wing, and it flies great... inverted! :black_eyed: For some reason when I launch her she rolls on her back and flies beautifully... needless to say this is not optimal. This is my first scratch built so I am sure I have done something wrong... Might be a CG issue laterally and will try that solution when I go out next time...

Any pointers or experience to help me out???


Dedicated foam bender
It's probably the toss you are diving it. If you put too much spin in the throw, she'll want to roll over do to the differential lift the spin gives.

Once you are in the air, you can roll upright and fly normal, right?


Junior Member
I find it's all in the toss, honestly I love how responsive it is, It doesn't bother me to toss it upside down, I always recover right away, I guess it will be an issue if your trying to run and APM or stabilizer, you may want to do the over the head toss, pulling up the front (assuming you have the pusher setup). Below are a couple of my vids with the versa wing you can see my toss where it flips over, but it recovers so nice and quickly.


I went thru one airframe and a rebuild on it... I found that with the original design that the bottom has to be perfectly flat. I redesigned the wing a bit and stiffened up the spar and made the airfoil fully symmetrical which fixed the "Turtle Effect". I put a skid on the bottom and I hold onto it to launch. The third time was the charm as this one flies like it should with no bad tendencies. A few clicks right and down and it was flying hands off. Watch the amount of reflex you set on the Elevons and make sure the throws are even.