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FT-Viggen Build

FT Viggen with AR636 AS3X?

Short story - anybody have a Viggen AR636 AS3X setup file to share?

Longer story - I'm completing my build for a Viggen speed build kit I purchased at FF 2016. First off, if there is any plane you buy a speed build kit instead of hand cutting, this is the one! Holy cow! I'm glad I got the speed build kit. I'm normally about 50/50 on planes I print the plans and hand cut or purchase SB kits. I'm glad I purchased this one.

Anyway, on to my question. I flew a smaller plane with AS3X built in and was so impressed with how well it tracked I purchased a Spektrum AR636 RX to go in the Viggen. Well aware that the RX itself cost 3 times what I paid for the airframe. :) I also purchased the programming cables (both USB and phone/audio) and have begun setting it up. Wow there is a lot you can adjust! I've got all the control surfaces setup, throws correct in all 3 flight modes with 30% expo setup on the RX. I set dual rates using the TX as there is no way to switch rates in the RX without having a newer AS3X compatible TX. My question comes down to the gains on Rate Mode and Head Hold mode. Anybody have any experience on a good starting percentage? Same goes for priority.

Well, I gave it my best at creating an AR636 configuration. It has three flight modes. 1.) No AS3X 2.) Rate mode only @25% 3.) Head Hold only at 25% gain. Bottom line, the Viggen doesn't need any stabilization even in gusty wind. :)

So I'm going to save off the config file (if anybody needs it send me a PM or e-mail) and move the AS3X receiver to one of my other planes that needs it more. My 130% spitfire is going to be the new recipient.



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I am able to fly the FT-22 as well as the sportster with no problems. Would I have any trouble with the Viggen?
Probably no trouble at all. I think you'll find it flies a lot like the FT-22, except as you slow into a stall it slides into high-alpha instead of dropping the nose. It'll want a bit more power than the FT22 and sportster are happy with, but it's a pretty friendly flyer.


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Going with the standard FT power pod. I currently have a turnigy d2826/6 2200kv with a 6x4 prop that I used on the FT22. Will that work with this plane with a 2200 3s up front to balance?


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The 2200kv pusher setup worked great! Maiden today, Crafty Dan - you were right on, it was similar to the FT22. Seemed a bit touchy in turns but it was a pretty windy day today so hard to tell.
Finally built myself a Viggen. It only took 2 years since it was first released. I couldn't bring myself to shell out 60-70 dollars on an EDF. Then i was on eBay poking around a couple of weeks ago and i was able to pick up not 1 but 2 Detrum 70mm EDF's with esc's and servos for 35 bucks shipped. They were brand new i couldn't believe the deal i got. So i printed out the plans and built the Viggen. I did the maiden last Saturday (sorry no video) and it flew great. I ran a 4s 3000mah. Here is a pic of the completed plane. Hopefully next weekend i will get some video. FT_Viggen.jpeg
Sweet deal on the edf combos! Banggood is selling 3700kv edfs for $24 (shipped) and 80 amp escs for about the same (shipped). I'm going to get a set and stick them in another Viggen. However, the Detrum setup is what we have in most of ours and it works great. It isn't the fastest jet but it certainly does things that no other jet will do. The high alpha hovers are amazing and a real crowd pleaser - most of the experienced pilots just look at it and say it can't do what it is doing.
Here is a couple pictures of my Viggen. Don't laugh, I was trying for the blue and yellow scheme we've all seen on the viggen. But somehow, when picked up the spray cans and started spraying I got the colors backwards in my head. So it's yellow with blue trim instead of blue with yellow trim. I'll say one thing, you can see it! :p I still need to apply the Swedish triple crown logos and such as well.

I made a short video of the tweaks our club members use when building Viggens. We've built about 20 now and we love them. Simple tweaks but they do help. In this setup, if a servo fails (or esc or motor) then you have to cut a door in the bottom of the wing. That is simple to do and you can tape it shut and have a permanent door for future repairs.

I don't know if anyones interested but i have a brand new in the box 70mm EDF with the 60amp esc that i am trying to get rid of for 35 bucks plus shipping. This is brand new never used. IMG_2016.JPG.jpeg
Hello Community

My new Viggen is airborne.
And as a must, my Viggen goes Tigermeet.
I hope you enjoy the design.

I´ve added 5mm Carbon-Pipes on the leading edges of the wings and the leading edges of the air intake.
It flies absolutly great and makes a lot of fun!!!


Best regards