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Full beacon strength BLHeli?

Hi everyone. Just wondering weather there are downsides of using full beacon strength.
I am running littlebee 20A, damped light medium high timing.
Seems to me that if I loose my quad, and cant get the buzzer going, I would want the best chance of finding it again.

main disadvantages id see from a electronic perspective (still quite new to qoads though)
would be:
- if you use more power for additional stuff, like LED's, theres less power for flying (obviously not huge quantities, but also depends on what you hook up to what)
- also when powering LED's at theyr maximum rating, you diminish theyr life expectancy by quite a bit

if you really want to get funky on something fail safe, you could also think about making a small little circuit to trigger a buzzer or light from a coin cell battery (which would still work when u destroy/loose the lipo)
you would just have to decide on what triggers it reliably, but this might help going in the right direction https://youtu.be/jllsqRWhjGM?list=PLvOlSehNtuHu2FviAaZaiyXwN41G4b1Lf
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Ah, not talking beacon as in lights. More the motors chipping after a set time of inactivity, it's called beacon in blheli. Thanks for your'e reply anyway.