Fun day with my versa wing and FPV


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Pretty great day flying my Blunt Nose Versa wing. Felt like i finally had a perfect day. Went thru both of my batteries and didnt break anything. Was super nervous as the campground was full and there was a bunch of dirt bikers coming and going and just hanging out. DONT SUCK! lol
I really love how Team Blacksheep fly down a mountain side so i tried to get a couple shots like that. I think i did ok consdiering the range limits i was dealing with and that my versa is getting pretty beat up.

Had one close call at the end of my first battery, but no damage.

Things i learned today:

1) Gopro3 as fpv camera, using backpack cable, is totally usable. If i had not heard complaints of it i wouldnt have known, and i started fpv flying on a security camera. I will say though that proximity is a problem as you cant see into shadows or into sun like you can on a security camera. For casual quick setups its great though.

2) I need more batteries!

3) While the Frsky accst JR module is really great and works awesome in my 9x, I was definately flying in a "cage". The frsky unit is very nice about giving a warning sound when the signal is weakening. There were 2 points in this flight when i quickly pulled a U turn and from then on stayed within a certian diameter. Time to order those UHF units i have been looking at on @StoneBlueAirlines

4) With minimal forthought the transition from launching the wing to pulling the Fatshark Base goggles down and sitting is no big thing. I was concerned before hand about the cabled version of the fatsharks. But it only took one launch and on my second it didnt even think about it.

Todays Setup:

Flitetest Blunt Nose Versa speed build kit. Modified with 3x larger winglets made out of coroplast and coroplast front bumpers.
AUW around 1000g
2200mah 3s 20c battery
Turnigy Park450 1050kv motor
10x4.7 Slow fly prop
20amp esc
Frsky 2.4mhz 4channel divirsity unit on the edge of one wing. One antennal straight up, the other straight towards wing.
ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8 w/IBcrazy skew planer on the opposite wing
Probably 35 inches between antennas
Gopro3 using backpack port from (charges gopro and video out)
1080p 60fps Medium +Protune
HobbyKing OSD with Voltage and Timer
Super easy to launch, hardly even push it, it just wants out of your hands.
Turnigy 9x w/Frsky JR module. Stock Antenna
Fatshark Base (awesome)

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