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Getting Control rods in the netherlands.


Junior Member
Where do you guys get your control rods?

I'm having a hard time getting control rods, mainly the longer ones, i have used bicycle spokes but they are too heavy, shifter cables for the simple soarer, the train/model shop here in Utrecht only has 15cm rods of spring steel.


Rogue Drone Pilot
You could look for mig welding wire. Just make sure it isn't flux core (that stuff is brittle) get the stuff you would put in a welding machine that uses welding gas.


Junior Member
I have a roll of mig welding wire but its 0.6mm and too thin also its harder to make straight, i'm building a wire straightener: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZDxoi0N5g0

for shorter rod i have used BBQ skewers with shrinkwrap and wire, but for the longer ones on the bigger models its harder, since my current options make the plane tail heavy.


Junior Member
Some models need longer rods, i have build some models like the bloody wonder with the short ones and had to move the servos back and that added some CG problems. The store i have found now has the same rods but 100cm long.


Staff member
I see.

I'd have asked the hobby shop owner if he has longer rods though :). I'd not be surprised if he cuts them to that length.


Junior Member
No they are pre packed also they are 0,8mm the wire u have now is 1,2mm, its a train store, if you say that its for air planes they kick you out.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Not MIG Wire. Use TIG welding filler wire. it is straight and should be found in 1 meter length's and many diameters plus it is available in practically any metal alloy you could ever want from steel to titanium.