Given an F117 Nighthawk

L Edge

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I was given a F117 nighthawk after the pilot gave up when he crashed it three times. It was designed for a 64mm EDF which his was missing 2 blades after his last crash. After replacing the missing and dented foam, I installed my cheap 64 which has only 5 blades (10 dollar setup) and took it for some flights.


1) If you are looking for speed, this is the plane to get. The delta wing is the way to go.
2) Plane is super sensitive to controls. No wonder why computers make it real one fly.
3) This model did not like wind(especially gusts) and required a fairly large turning radius. If you tighten it too much, it would roll out.

So if you decide to build/buy one, put 110% of concentration when you fly it. This one lasted 3 years before the ground gods took it.