Glue sticks & Glue Guns.


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Hi Chris,
I've been looking for readi-Board allover now and with no luck so far. Can you please shed the light on where to buy this magic foam-board, im currently living in Palmerston North.

Hi Ali,
Right on your door step, called Uncle Bill's. Address: 2/210-214 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North 4410 Phone: 06-354 4354
I buy my board from Uncle Bill's in Wellington.


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When it comes to hot glue guns one thought is that it works or doesn't work. And that's true. But there's more to it. I just bought this Gorilla Gun to replace the Aldi's Workzone one that began leaking hot glue. First impression is very positive. Here is what I look for. When I squeeze the trigger I would like a smooth, predictable flow of glue. Not all hot glue guns do that. Even pressure and amount of glue corresponding to how much the trigger is squeezed. So far this one is really good in that regard. Now it is a mini model, not full size. I paid about $12 for the gun on AMAZON and it includes 75 mini hot glue sticks! Good deal. So if you are shopping for a mini hot glue gun, check out the Gorilla Hot Glue Gun. More tips for foam board R/C modelers on my blog HERE.