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Gremlin Battery Charging Question...

I am a part of my school's drone club and we recently purchased 4 gremlins. I realized today that we might not have a way to charge the batteries. We are using 450mAh 2s 50c batteries, but all we have in terms of chargers are two of the X4 Micro 1s Lipo Chargers. I assume that because the X4 is designed for 1s batteries, charging the 2s gremlin batteries with them will cause problems. Is that correct? If so, does anyone have a recommendation for a multi-port charger that can charge multiple gremlin batteries at the same time? We have 16 of them so we obviously don't want to charge them one at a time.


Eternal Student
You are correct, the charger you have is no good for 2S+ batteries. You need a balance charger. Something like this - https://rotorgeeks.com/batteries-chargers/chargers/ev-peak-cq3 has 4 ports at 100w each and runs on AC or DC. Combine with some parallel charge boards - https://www.banggood.com/Amass-XT30...Charger-p-1183953.html?p=HR290766671852016094 and you'll be able to charge tham all at once. You can also use a higher power single port charger and daisy chain multiple parallel boards together, which may be a little less expensive. I love ISDT chargers, something like this could easily charge 16 x 450mAh batteries at once - https://www.banggood.com/ISDT-Q6-Pl...Charger-p-1103946.html?p=HR290766671852016094 It runs on DC only though, so to use it in the house you need a separate power supply.