Help! Upgrading my charging set up.


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I have 5 chargers right now. All cheapos. One with discharge/Balance/Storage modes:

And 4 that are balance charge only:

After seeing a couple recent threads about dual channel chargers, I started looking into upgrading. In the process, I found this an AliExpress:!USD!128.99!89.0!!!!!@21021a7216821633382164482d0765!12000029325293122!sea!US!2162666701&curPageLogUid=XIO3d7IhMJ8B

Four independent channels for just a few dollars more than the HTRC T240. I highly doubt I'll ever need to charge any of the monstrous batteries some of the RC cars or huge RC planes need, so power wise, I think this will do. The question is to the quality and reputation of the brand. Has anyone here had an experience with them or heard about them? I know you get what you pay for, but there is something to said about letting perfection get in the way of good enough as well.

Any way, just looking for any input from ya'll.

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It is going to be very slow charging if using all four ports at only 25 watts per channel using 110 AC, with a total of only 5 amps spread across four ports. Does better with DC input doubles the above.