Gremlin Guardian betaflight receiver screen questions


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Hi all,

I'm making progress with my Gremlin Guardian after receiving a replacement flight controller and confirming that all 4 motors will spin now when interacting with the "Motors" screen within betaflight.

I've managed to bind the Radiomaster R81 receiver with a Radiomaster T8 transmitter, and am able to see the receiver data on the "Receiver" screen in betaflight after going into my "Ports" screen and enabling the UART2 port's "Serial RX" toggle. The problem I'm seeing now is that reciever data looks like it's going pretty bonkers. For example, here's what I see when I adjust the throttle from a "full down" position to a "full up" position. All the other channels seem to show changes as well, even though none of them were adjusted.


I've found talk of disabling the "ADC filter" on the transmitter, but plugging my T8 into my laptop did not cause it to come up on betaflight, so I couldn't figure out how to enable or disable that setting to see if that's the problem. Can anyone provide any input on what I should do to get this receiver data to look a little more sane? Many thanks for any input!


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Progress! I re-watched the Gremlin Setup video (
) and played with the Receiver settings, eventually getting some nice and sane results. The final settings that worked for this case were:

Receiver Mode: Serial (via UART)
Serial Receiver Provider: SBUS
Channel Map: AETR1234

With these setting, adjusting my throttle from full-off to full-on results in some much more meaningful-looking data.