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Hadley's Videos


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The basis of all great FPV videos is good piloting skills.
Which, it seems, you have mastered.
One day.....sigh!!!
@colorex, I use mainly adobe products-premier pro, after effects, a little bit of photoshop sometimes. For thise transitions I used a number of 3rd party plugins as well, mixing anywhere up to half a dozen effects to make up any one transition.

@PaulT thanx. The airframe has a fair bit to do with it as well. This is a hand built fibreglass+WBPU over foam wing and it flies on rails (well did until I ploughed it into a hillside, ops lol). In saying that it can burn through 4400 worth of 3s nanotechs in a bit over 15min and it flies heavy and fast, straight and level it will do about 65mph, the personal best is 117mph in a dive.
The footage for this and the last quad video all came from the same trip and I ended up with enough to do 2 videos. I used allot of the really good footage in the first video so was left with this. I'm happy with the production but I was defiantly scrapping the bottom of the barrel to pull together enough video for a whole clip, although there are still some good bits in there though. Not a bad video but I have to learn to spread out the good bits more.

But again, thankyou
Absolutely great videos! But you should really take off the goggles now and then and pay attention to the road - you're driving on the wrong side a lot! :eek:
Last video from the roadtrip and with it comes my favourite bit of flying. 187kph vertical dive down the face of a waterfall near Mt Aspring.
Unfortunately my gopro was playing up causing some glitches on the video but it doesn't detract to much.

Big thankyou to Basti for manning the SLR during the waterfall dives.

For more video from the roadtrip check out Bastis channel.

The Glitch Mob -- We Can Make The World Stop
Your utilizing that quad in ways I have not really seen, aside from maybe Daniel (RCTESTFLIGHT).....far more linear....several points in that discovery vid I almost forget this is being shot by a quad but rather a very stable fixed wing.......that can STOP on a dime and pan.....whoaaaaa! lol. To be quite frank, Shirley.....I am a fixed wing sort of guy....quads although nice just never made much sense to me as almost every vid out there of guys fpv(ing) with them is typically very stationary.....very one dimensional.....well boring. I don't just want to see a 360 pan of the landscape I want to fly over and through it.....which sir you are demonstrating with wicked skill. So far as your wing is concerned.....I would love to see any build pics or specs if you have any.....personally just finished a 52" myself that is heavy as hell but flys on rails....and yes I can plow through 4400mah in about 12mins with my lead throttle thumb but good gosh its stable. Thanks for you post....gives me a fresh perspective on ways in which quads can be utilized.