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Junior Member
Excuse my lack of knowledge on this plane, it's not mine but I wanted to share it.

The little I know is that it's called a Hannibal, it was never built as a real plane and is just an interpretation of what a WWI warbird would have looked like. Not sure on the engine it's running but it's been converted from glow fuel to petrol.

I fly with the guy who built it and this was the maiden flight. Everything went well, he had a total of 3 flights with it today. Second flight had a slight hiccup as the HT Lead came off and he had to land it deadstick....never got that on the video, but it glided in beautiful and safe. Stiff head wind mean a short take-off, but given the power in the engine and the design of the plane it would be off with little trouble on a calm day.

Enjoy......(we did)......



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Yeah, it's of that ilk.

As you can see in the video it flies really nice and the owner was happy enough to hand the controls on to others because he was so pleased with how easily it handled.....he even suggested it would make a great trainer!!!

Here's the link to the designer/kit manufacturer page - http://www.flairmodels.co.uk/Aircraft/Scouts/Hannibal.htm (They have some really nice stuff).