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Has anyone tried exciter technology?

Exciter technology is what is used in flat panel speakers. It converts almost any surface into a speaker.

I have been exploring replacing the electric drone noise of a RC aircraft with a more authentic sound… even one track would be an improvement. Using a conventional amp and speakers adds too much weight and heat to most aircraft not to mention the difficultly of cutting in speakers. Exciter technology like the Tunebug Vibe would turn the entire airframe into a speaker. If paired with a micro mp3 player not only would weight be manageable but both devices could be use day-to-day outside of RC.

I was just wondering if anyone has an exciter device and has dropped it in a airframe to see the results? Even just a bench test. If not could Flitetest test the concept please.
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One of the appeals of electric is the quite fly anywhere. If you want noise, go mechanical engines, but stay out of my park with it. Forcing our noise on others is one of the best ways to have park flying taking away. Going out and flying and no one knows it unless they just happen to look up is a very cool factor.

Understand the appeal of sound but that means flying at flying fields where the noise factor is not an issue. DO NOT underestimate the damage to the sport unwanted noise can create. Have seen it first hand to many times. No one wants to deal with the noise while seating in there backyard. When sound systems are available, they will be used in the wrong place at the wrong time, guaranteed.

Not trying to be harsh, just a reality check, from one who has fought the noise battle first hand in other sports.


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I can only confirm that! I have a RC nitromethanole monstertruck (1:8) which does a lot of noise. Many people and by many I mean with every third ride out with that car I had complains about it being too loud. With electric motors that isn´t an issue anymore!


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From my experience with the speakers, they are only just louder than the electric motor anyway, and much quieter than any IC engine around. It's more for scale, not loudness:p
Well there is a time and place for everything. And by “place” I mean a carefully chosen place. Flying with authentic sounds is something I want to do on rare occasions. You are absolutely right subjecting others to your noise is just rude and like anything a mature approach that is considerate to others is crucial. Every one of us are ambassadors for the sport.

Sound systems do not need to loud to mask the noise of our electric motors. As you said electric motors are already relatively quiet. The “art” of a sound system is to keep the output as low as possible to do the job yet maximize battery life. Sound is part of the scale experience especially for war birds.

Before you completely discount sound systems consider the possibility to use a sound system to effectively cancel the motor noise. An internal microphone and a small board that inverts the sound wave would increase the “cool factor” exponentially.
Sound if done right and in the right place and time could add a lot, granted. Your ideal of using the aircraft is very interesting. It seems speakers are as good as there magnets, i.e. weight. Will not be an easy solution.