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Has anyone used ArkBird OSD / Autopilot?


Getting my gear ready for my X-8. so much choices when it comes to osd/autopilots/rth.

This one seems a good bang for the buck, anyone used or have issues with it?


if not then i'll have to pump more money out for Adrupilot.
The Arkbird works great and the manual really is quite good .
This thing makes flying FPV so much more relaxing. Its just plug and play with the Boscam 5.8 Fpv stuff. Rth is fantastic , it has already saved my bacon today , i was too busy looking at the view , and forget to watch where is was going . At about 10 meters from the ground I realized I was disorientated and about to crash .. I hit the RTH & instantly it took me up 100 meters in seconds and then flew home.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
outbackkanga, do you have any pictures of your set up?

Or some in flight videos?

I've been interested in this system too, and would like more information from someone who already owns it.