Head tracking with Spektrum & Fat Shark in 2019


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I am in awe of some of the videos over on FPVAirCombat's thread here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.p...r-in-a-spitfire-a-journey-to-get-there.58708/ In his thread, he bought DJIs whole video system which is all integrated together and provides head tracking. However I wanted to see what the current state of the art was of add-on gear that might work with my current setup. A few years ago I had looked at it briefly and was hoping it had improved. Unfortunately it looks like things might have gotten worse rather then better.

I couldn't find a 3rd party module for FatSharks head tracking bay, but FatShark made two different units at different times. Their internal module suggests it is wired but the documentation & manual for it is pretty shaky. The most up to date documentation appears to be a pinned thread over on FPVLab. There is a big list of compatible/incompatible transmitters for the wiring harnesses they provide. The list appears to be missing the most recent spektrum additions like the dx8e (what I have) and dx12i. However, this requires a wire from your goggles to your transmitter. The manual doesn't provide any details as to how the wire gets installed and if you can put the panel back on the goggles afterwards. Anyways, I have the dx8e which doesn't have the right port for the wire. This internal module is out of stock most places I looked. I found a few. But it is even marked 'will not restock' at a couple. This doesn't seem like a product they are intent on maintaining.

The external module is also wired but just is strapped to the top of your goggles. This gives much wider goggle compatibility at least in trade for bulk and mess. Not sure if this introduces additional issues or not in terms of accuracy of calibration but it definitely would add some additional weight/bulk on top of your goggles. I didn't find this module in stock anywhere and it was also marked 'discontinued' or 'will not restock' at some stores.

The last word from spektrum seems to be moving towards using their wireless trainer link as the source for the head tracking channels. This sounds like a great idea! I had assumed their wireless trainer link was just for that, but when I got my dx8e I realized it was a full receiver that any other spectrum transmitter could bind to. Depending on the master transmitter model, you can do extra mappings to use these inputs as extra channels. It looks like Spektrum had its own FPV goggles under the name 'Focal' which are customized fat sharks, with built in head tracker, that could bind here. This doesn't look like it went beyond this one set and I don't see a module you can buy separately for other fat shark goggles.

Does anyone know if there are better options out there? Are there any announce or expected products here to fill the gap? It sounds like Spektrum + FatShark making a stand alone wireless module would be an awesome product.