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Heli Path


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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh choose their heli path. Watch as the two push their limits as pilots and see what heli is best for them!



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YAY! helicopters, great show guys, you are both very good heli pilots, both of you did much better with it then I expected.
it is a very imformative show, to many people just go to the store and "I want that one!" and buy a heli way above their skill level and have a bad time with it.


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Nice job on the heli's.... Blade has a lot more coming down the pike too! Crappy environment for flying tho... Looks more like someplace out of one of those haunted reality shows.

I hope Horizon gets serious about having you guys do more episodes..


Colorex, that is BRILLIANT! Don't forget the radio tower of doom!

I am still holding onto the contrived belief that we can all camp out in Chad's backyard for the flitetest flitefest this summer! Just don't stick me in the basement!

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Good episode guys. I was surprised at how well both of you did. I really didn't figure you for heli guys. I was sort of surprised that you skipped over the MSR and went right to the 120 but I can see why you did. I would be very interested to see how you guys improved in a couple months. Let's see Josh Scott flying the 450 by April. You are definitely right about people making uninformed purchases. I bought quite a few heli's from people who drop hundreds of dollars only to wreck it the first time and never fly again. I think that a lot of hobby shops sell these ready to fly helis and they really aren't informed enough to help the customers make the right choice. Too often it's a plane guy who never flies helis selling to a guy who has never touched a controller before. It's really helped a lot of new pilots get into the sport but it's also helped a lot of people get in over their head and get turned off of it before they ever really got a chance.
started with the scout, then i got an msr......im still learning that one, its definitely too fast for indoors while i still learn to deal with its speed and sensitivity. many time i have gotten into the wobble of doom before spearing off into a wall, haha


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fwa2500, are you flying it in low rates? if not do that. if you are using the RTF radio to get it into low rates click down the right stick (push it straight in) and you will be in low rates, eventualy high rates wont be enough and you'll be moving the swash arms to the advanced settings, its a fun little heli it was my first heli.

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MSR was my second heli. I flew it in my living room for a long time before taking it to the gym. I never messed with low rates but even on the longer swash arms it should be plenty stable and controllable enough to fly it in a phone booth. If you are ready to start fast forward flight make sure you have lots of room. Also make sure your battery is in all the way so your cg is correct. If your battery slips back it will make the heli porpoise instead of flying smoothly.

Also, the swash plate is all plastic and it has a tendency to separate and throw the controls off. Make sure it's snapped back together if you're having trouble with it. Also, make sure to use the little red tool that comes with it to make sure the head is all aligned.
i reallynever mess with high/low rates, just tinker with the expo to get where i like. dont get me wrong, i love flying it and can fly it well enough that i can land on a magazine size spot more often than not., but im nowhere near being able to claim mastering it. helicopters in general are not my area of focus, i am all about the fixed-wing both in terms of models and full scale ;)