Hello everyone


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A new rookie here
starting this hobby and although I have built some wooden models, I have never flown them
sorry for the translator (googlxx) from Spain
I can provide electronic knowledge, I hope to be of help
greetings to all

Un Novato nuevo por aqui
empezando este hobby y aunque he construido algunos modelos de madera, nunca los he volado
perdon por el traductor (googlxx) desde españa
puedo aportar conocimientos electronicos, espero ser de ayuda
un saludo a todos


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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Pues bienvenido a este foro magnifico. Un saludo desde alemania.


WELCOME to the forum my friend! So glad to have you along for the ride! ;)


BIENVENIDO al foro mi amigo! ¡Me alegro de tenerte en el camino! ;)Bendiciones,Stefan


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Saludos Javi!
De que parte de España eres? Yo viví en el sur por 7 años donde Dios me ha bendecido con mi esposa Jerezana, casados 23 años. No se que traductor usas pero se entiende perfectamente.

Post often with whatever you're working on. Photos & videos and authorized and encouraged. I'm interested to know what you'll be working on.

Welcome to the forum.


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resido en Madrid
gracias por la acogida

I live in Madrid
thanks for the welcome

Jim, I'm going to post the three models that I have now
let's see if I find the right thread and I'll get to it
As a good rookie, I swim in a sea of doubts

nothing like southern Spain, nothing like the south of Spain and its people


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¡Hala Madrid! Gracias a ti. Ya me enseñaste tú una palabra nueva, acogida.

Looking forward to the posts.


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some of my models

these are static wooden models, decorating the workshop
I made them about 10 years ago


this is the first one that could fly
It is an indoor, it's from last year


this is an IDOL from Hobbyking, I wanted to learn with him until I met Flitetest and the Depron
I do not know if I did well but line the wings with a 1mm raft (madera de balsa, I do not know what it's called in English)

Jim help me



and this is the famous sea of doubts, a gift from my wife bought on aliexpress with nothing or almost no information
It has 1010cm of wingspan
I will open a thread only of him to ask for advice on motorization
It will take me a while to fly it more or less the same as the taxi-drone
I'm also lining it in wood



I have put a retractable landing gear


I will post a video of the wing, but I have to change it in format
it is in 3gp

After reading in the forum I discard the learning with IDOL and start one in depron
due to space problems, I will choose one of the flitetest minis

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Hello Javiester,

Great looking models! Welcome to the community. You will fit right in.


Hola Javiester,

¡Modelos muy atractivos! Bienvenido a la comunidad. Usted encajará bien.


Sorry if the translation is not correct. I'm also using Google Translate.


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Nice work Javi. I'm working on getting to know my new 3D printer. I'm nowhere near your skills, not yet.


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is the best tool that I have done, it is very useful for everything
supports for servos ... for foamies
there are many pieces in thingiverse for this hobbie


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Preciosos Modelos, especialmente porque son de Balsa.
Cuesta un montón de trabajo.

Nice models, because they are made of balsa, lot of work.


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Javi una otra cosa muy importante...

That plane you're building is a warbird. Warbirds are very exciting to look at and very nimble to fly. While you continue to build this I very much recommend you fly some other planes first.

Me entiendes? Antes de volar ese demonio del aire, es muy, pero muy importante que te entrenas bien las manos, los ojos, y los reflejos. Warbird refiere a los aviones que son muy agiles para el combate en el aire. Los que son agiles son menos estabiles. Un avión que es menos estabil requiere mas de su piloto. Por favor, presta atencion a esta aviso! Si hay algúna duda veras aqui en el forum la gran cantidad de personas que han comprado un warbird del tirón intentando volarlo solo para estrellarlo en pocos segundos. Hay muchos aviones que sirven muy bien para aprender y no rompen tan malamente cuando estrellan.

Te gustaría unas sugerencias por unos aviones que sirven para aprender?


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All the tips / suggestions are well received, especially if they are free
As I already post, the cars will fly before that plane
I'm doing the FT mini se5 to train even if it's not the best
I do not have more space for a major trainer
the size of the mini is good for my house
I live in a 5th floor and in the same room I have my hobbys and a workshop where I repair professional sound
in Spain everything is small


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mixing tables, amplifiers, equalizers ....
for live music, discos, gyms ...
hi-end equipment
I worked as a concert sound technician for years, but I went back to my electronic life
the years weigh


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So then if I had a son in Spain who played flamenco guitar and wanted to build a sound studio, would you be someone I could ask for advice?


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Yes, of course, and if he do concerts, backliner
How do you notice that you have an Andalusian woman?
You're a joker, o como decimos en España un "cachondo"

aqui me tienes en el 2007, soy el del centro