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Hello from California, Long time subscriber!

greetings everyone. I finally got around to joining on the forums. I watch the channel religiously and have really enjoyed the latest moves as an entity.

I've been a LONG time RC'er, but relatively new pilot. been involved with some of the production stuff for another RC website for several years, and really enjoy it.

Looking forward to getting my planes back in the air (small hiatus)

keep doing what you're doing!
Welcome Rimmy,

What RC site do you assist? I think you'll find members here friendly and helpful.
I have been working with UltimateRC, rcmania and unbelievable rc. All owned by a good friend of mine.

I haven't done much, just some filming, driving, flying, and just having some great times with my friend.

Nothing lately as distance has become an issue. I've got a few cameos on the YouTube channels, but most of my work was behind the lens.

My flying skills aren't anything to wrote home about. My fav plane in my hangar is my Dynam Sr22. Just such a fun plane, and very scale looking.

I'm itching to buy the speedbuild kits honestly. Funds are tight, but I'm hopeful never the less. :)

Here are my fav videos that I was part of (i've helped with quite a bit). :) (shameless self plug)

My Slow Stick and I

The day we invaded a skate park (I am the fat guy in black with the red rustler)

First flights of my Dynam SR-22

Jang's first flight of his Yak (a xmas present from me)

lastly, us goofing around with some out takes. prob my fav video we've done ever.
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