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Hello & Thanks for the add!

Hey all!

First off I'm a Part 107 Pilot flying mostly for Public Safety but also do some rec' flying and some photography for a couple of realtors. I'm currently flying DJI products but working on a custom build, here are the specs for that build.

Basic Equipment
Tarot FY680Pro Frame (customized for wider span & taller landing gear to support intended payload of multiple cameras)
PixHawk PX4 Flight Controller (w/ mini OSD and Telemetry radio to Mission Planner)
FrSky Taranis X8R Receiver
FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Transmitter
Gartt ML4108 620KV Motors
ZTW Beatle 40A BEC ESC's

A/V Equipment
2 Qty FlySight Black Mamba FPV Transmitters
Video/Still Shot Camera (unsure which I'll use yet)
FLIR Duo Pro R
2 Qty Custom Cameras (this is a work in progress and may never happen)

As you can see I've gone BIG, go big or go home right.

My issue is I'm not finding much of an online community of builders for these big birds, most everyone is building little FPV racers. Hoping to find a few here.

As this is my first build I'm sure I've messed up the spec's and it will require some modifications but for now this is where I am.



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I've not got that far yet. The plan is for a 6S 10,000 mah running 2 in parallel. My calculator is telling me I should see an hour of flight time but I don't think that is correct.
An hour flight time, that is impressive. I’m also building a quad, it will be my 3rd. I’ve built 2 from
a KK2 board just to learn the basics. My new quad will be with an F4 board with INAV. Mine will be much smaller than yours, I’m hoping for 700-1000 grams AUW. Shoot for 25-30 minutes flight time.

I have a Phantom P3P but very tired of being locked into them. I’m going for something like the Mavic, easy to transport, but hopefully far less expensive.
My AUW is likely going to be well over 10 pounds and if I get a 15-20 min flight time I'll be tickled. Personally I own 2 P3P's and a M1P and I fly the departments birds including a Typhon and a Matrice. I too have become put out with the locked down platforms in the DJI consumer products.