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Welcome aboard.
I started with the Tiny Trainer. You can download the plans and get a couple pieces of foamboard for a few dollars and start with the chuck glider and add the power and system as you can. That way you can start now. Visit this thread https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/tips-for-a-newbie-experience-talking.58021/ for some great tips and support. Also watch the beginner series videos on the Flite Test website or youtube channel


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Hi everybody. I am a new member. I want to build my own plane but I don't have much money. Can anybody give me some advice on making cheap planes?
WELCOME!! Some dollar tree foam board (Adams readiboard) and download any of the plans from Flite Test for free. They have the plans for all the planes they sell. Download the tiled plans or select tiled on your printer on the full sized plans. Foam board is a buck per sheet and the plans are free. Great place to start


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I too would go with the Tiny Trainer, start it as a chuck glider if money is the issue and go from there as you can add more electronics. That's how I started and how I would recommend others to go.

Good luck and welcome to the family!