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Help needed with Rx


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I have a riccs rs118ap rx I'm unsure where i need to plug in esc and servos. I've looked online and can't find a manual. I'm using this because I have it and a matching 4 ch tx This is my first scratch build. I've purchased the Grayson spitfire setup. I'm assuming esc in 8/b but I'd rather know for sure than burn it up.
I've also seen it listed as Riccs/Futaba? I believe 8/b is for an extra battery for powering the reciever which isn't needed with an esc with a bec. I'm still lost as to 1-7 channels. No answers as of yet hmmm. I've come to the conclusion (educated guess) that if i plug in my esc's bec into 8/b it should power the esc channels and allow me to put a servo into each of the other channels and discover which is the throttle channel. So that being said, if anyone has anything to offer you have until friday evening .Otherwise friday my package arrives with my motor and esc and I'm going for it. I'm also guessing channel 3 is throttle i have 33.33% odds thats if ch1 is actually ailerons per the online instructions I was able to find. Now the airframes built I'm really hoping this tx/rx combo works!! Everything works and I was correct about the channels. They were also listed on the tx which I never thought to look at for the channels. Now I need to assemble it and go crash it. image.jpg


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