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Help with 20A BLHELI_S ESC

I desoldered the power and ground wires to my ESCs and I don't know which side to solder them back onto. They are the Eachine BLHELI_S ESCs and there is no + or - sign to indicate which is which. ANY ADVICE?


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You probably have two negatives. One is from the lipo. The other is paired with the signal and goes to the flight controller.

Most often the negative signal pad is connected to the negative power pad and you can figure it out that way.

Build the smokestopper and if you get the ESC polarity wrong, you get a second chance.
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I believe they are Racerstar ESC's on there, from let to right it should be Lipo +, signal, signal ground and Lipo ground.

As Cranial says, there should be continuity between the 2 negative pads, which is easy to check if you have a multimeter.