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Hey, just joined

Hey new member just wanted to check in and say hello. Have been watching the forums for about two years now, but haven’t joined till now. Have been flying since Christmas of 2016, so about nearly two years. Started on a super cub and now have that, a power pack c, the newer power pack f, and power pack h. Have built many of the ft planes and consider myself an intermediate to advanced pilot.
Don’t have any photos, but my room is filled with ft planes, home brews, rcgroups planes, home brew dlgs and a couple rc balsa gliders. Have one video filmed through an action cam mounted on a bloody Barron, facing down. Did it in an effort to find a lost chuck glider, didn’t find it then but found it later. Need to figure out how to attach a video without uploading it to YouTube.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to the family mate.

Unfortunatly they dont host videos here so you have to go thru you tube or other host you can link to.


Wake up! Time to fly!
If you pull down the menu and click media it will list all the accepted hosting sites if you wanna avoid you tube