Hildabeast 570 Racing/Freestyle Quad on 8S


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I bought a Hildabeast 570 "Beast Class" quad late last year. I finally got the build done and did the maiden yesterday. Now, I've been flying planes, helicopters, and multirotors (180-300mm) for about 8 years but I have to say that, although I was quite excited to have the build done and ready to maiden, I was quite nervous and slightly intimidated. However, as you can see in the video (just a short LOS test), the 8S machine came to life and performed very well.

Here is a parts list:

Hildabeast 570 frame from Almondracing.com
T-motor MN3520-11 400kv 4S-8S motors
Bee Rotor 80amp 8S esc's running Multishot
CL Racing F7 flight controller - Betaflight
14" carbon fiber bi-blade props
ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8ghz vtx
TBS Micro V2 rx
Turnigy 1080P Actioncam
3D printed motor guards and camera mount
Runcam Swift Mini FPV cam
two Turnigy HEAVY DUTY 4S 5000mah 60-120C

The next flight, I'll drop the goggles and just take a gentle stroll around my flying field so that I can get use to the sheer size. Although, in that maiden flight video, you can see that the Hildabeast was quite balanced and stable.


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Them are scarey but soo intriging to see.

Im used to hearing that familiar Zzzzzzzzt to get up to speed. Thise are more like a whhhhoooofff when you hit the throttle.

Think if I had the money and the room I would have to experiment with one too. They are probably going to be the break out gear to get quadracing into a more public venue like nascar did for car racing.