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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to put together a fpv build for myself but needing some help. I'm new and not sure if this will all work.

Question 1:
I have the Flysky FS-i6X with FS-iA6B Receiver, Will that work with any Flight controller? I'm currently looking at MAMBA F722S F7, see under question 2 for link. and

Question 2:
My current build is this, please let me know what y'all think. I'm just looking for a beginner fpv quad, that I can have some fun with.

Flight Controller :


Video Transmitter:




props and goggles, I'm not sure and would like some suggestions.

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5in frame with fairly big motors and 4s - 6s (I assume)? For a beginner? Send it!!!
The only major issue I see is the rx.
That rx looks like a plane rx (for servos). You’ll likely want a sbus type rx. Never used flysky but I use spektrum and they are different (plane vs quad rx).
Other than that it should go together and fly. Its gonna be fast. It’s just maybe a bit overkill and pricey for a first build IMO.


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Your going to want to get a serial RX, that can only do ppm. I don't know if any current FC software supports that (and if they do, I wouldn't expect them to do for long, it is an ancient 'method' for data and doesn't let you get telemetry, extra channels, etc).


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I thought iBus and PPM were both serial protocols, not sure if the FC can read them.

PWM for is for servos.
PPM is bascially PWM but all on 1 wire sending 1 pulse after the next and is very much 'legacy' as far as protocols go.
I didn't see iBus out on that FC, if it has it, that is probably ok.