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HK Blue series esc

Hello, is anyone haveing trouble with the HK Blue series esc's? I have a t-copter that I fried an esc on and couldnt get another to match so I decided to replace them all and went with the blue seires. Now I am having lots of issues with the throttles staying in sync, I am useing a KK2 and before changing it flew beautifully, now it acts like the PI setting are off so I played around with them to no avail. I dont want to admit that the new esc's are bad but it is starting to look that way to me. What do you all think? Thanks


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From a purely troubleshooting standpoint, you have to consider that the problem may be with the KK2 board. I'm assuming it was in use when the esc got fried.

I do remember seeing some multi-copter posts with people successfully using blue series ESCs.
Did you relearn the speed control, and the throttle. I finished my tri yesterday using 3, 20 amp, I did the speed control learn, then had to learn the throttle/motor sync. I was actually able to get it flying in about 5 minutes.. and this is my first multi rotor build.

Next setup the esc or reflash them.. in my rush to get in the air I didn't set them to nimh mode.. so when I brought it in to adjust the rear esc lipo cut which means I'm lucky I only have to replace the rear prop..
RoyBro, Well I said that I fried an esc but that was perhaps the wrong term to use, it didnt really "fry" it was just dieing, I have lost enough of them on this T-copter to know when they are about to quit. I am really about to give up I have tried several different knods and the last ones were RCTimers and I loved them, my T flew great but one day it dropped a corner without being told to so I knew one was on its way out and decided to replace them all, so I dont feel that the KK board was at falut or suffered any damage.

And yes I did do an esc caliberation, actually twice in fact hoping that it would help.

I too have heard of others who have used these with success and am at a loss but then again they are mass produced so it isnt impossible for a sub standard one to sneek out. I have a set of Plush 30s for another project I think I will stick them in and see if it straightens up, I am using Turnigy Plush on my V-Tail and havent had a bit of trouble from them.


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Sorry to hear about the failures.

I will throw out there, I've used around 12 of the HK 20A ESC 3A and none have failed me yet and I load them down pretty hard at times. And they are dirt cheap.