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Hello friends !! Can you help me ?

I have this HK ECO6 Charger and it always performed nicely till last week, when i was charging my 3s battery and accidently "something" touched in one of the Poles of the Power Supply - i had a messy bench at that time.

The charger beeped and resetted; showed the welcome message - HK ECO6; then it beeped again and showed this ERROR MESSAGE;


Now everytime i turn it on it shows the welcome message then change to this REVERSE POLARITY; on the manual there is no troubleshooting.

What can be done to make it work normally again ? it APPEARS that its working normally looks like a SOFTWARE PROBLEM ...

I heard that a "service menu" can be reached by pressing some buttons at startup but i couldnt make it work .... is there a way to RESET the software on the charger to working state again ?? I would like to try something before trashing it .....

Any advice ?

PS: No i didnt conected the red wire on black - before someone suggest it !!


More combat please...
I think the reverse polarity message refers to to the battery connection.
If you are getting the message before hooking a battery to the charger I think it indicates something got screwed internally.

It has built in polarity protection, if you were to accidentally reverse the input leads, it would simply refuse to power up.

If you do have to replace it, go with the Accucel 6 charger. Feature wise and programming wise it works identically to the ECO 6.
I have both. The Accucel 6 just feels and sounds like a better unit.
My ECO 6 had the screen burn out after just a week or so of service, other than that it's worked fine.