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HK Shipping for a Bixler


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Is it just me or is HK shipping REALLY expensive? I was about to buy the bixler but shipping is like $30!! I may be better off getting an EasyStar from Amazon huh?


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In short, yes.


Depending on your location, prices will vary. I'll use values for the USA.

The ARF Bixler weighs 1935 grams. Since it's a large boxed item, Air Parcel will cost $27.97
You'll need to pay $10 more for the needed electronics.

The RTF Bixler (which comes with all you need to fly) weighs 2533 grams. Stupidly, it's just 33 grams over a threshold so it will come at $36.54. (You'll have 477 grams available for more stuff)

Unfortunately, HobbyKing ships from Hong Kong, which sends shipping costs up in the sky. HobbyKing takes a lot of time to ship big items as well. Backordered items will delay your order indefinitely.

Depending on your location, it might be cheaper to get an EasyStar from eBay.


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Pricewise; the Bixler compares well with the SkySurfer and the HawkSky. It's basically the same as those two planes. The SkySurfer and the HawkSky both come with ailerons too. These planes are all basically clones of the EasyStar. There is nothing wrong with the EasyStar, it's just going to cost you a bunch more than the other planes.

Strange that HK would tell you there are no plans to offer in the US. They had it listed in the US Warehouse at one time and it sold out very quickly.

30 dollars to ship a package that size halfway around the world? Not expensive.

Go with the AXN Sky. Great plane, very close to the Bixler. That is what I did. Got tired of waiting and bought a AXN. Great plane. Shipping cheap and comes from Seattle in a few days, depends on your location. It's as good as a Timex, takes the licks and keeps on ticking. I've gotten very good of using hot glue to put it back together. Still flies great.


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thanks for all the help guys!

is the Sky a good FPV platform? doesn't seem to be much room there
Chad (director of flitetest) said that the Bixler is an excellent beginner-intermediate plane since it is powerful enough to carry an FPV system, and easy to learn on at the same time. I don't know how big the AXN is, but I don't think it will work for FPV.

To put FPV on a Bixler, you just need to make your own version of the canopy, and mount the system in there. This way you can exchange them for normal and FPV flying.

Hope this helps.


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Bixler has been on backorder in the Aus warehouse ever since I signed up to hobbyking. I'm going to order it from the int warehouse with some other stuff to make the shipping worth it. The AXN is smaller and not as stable the Bixler, but still carries a decent payload for FPV. By the way, the Bixler is the skysurfer. The only difference is the decals. The outer box of the Bixler even has skysurfer written on it...