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hk T6A charging rates

Hey all,
I've been using my hk T6A combo for a few weeks, and I love it. Reuseable 8 aa batteries are what I use. I'd like to charge them through the side port on my T6A. I've got all the wires figured out, and I'm using my accucel 6 charger. My question is how many amps can I charge the batteries at? Their capacity is about 2000 mah. Id love to be able to charge my transmitter at a comfy 2 amps. But im worried that since the charge port goes through the circuit board, that 2 amps could fry something. Is it ok to charge at 2 amps? I read somewhere that someone was doing exactly what im doing and he charged his batteries at like 0.1 amps and it took 15 hours... i would rather charge at an optimal rate. Is that ok? Does the transmitter limit the charging amps or fry or anything? Thanks!


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I charge everything with my accucel 6 even my lead acid car battery from time to time. I have also made a custom battery holder for AAA, AA and the 18650 life for my torch. I would not charge cells installed in a device, always remove cells for charging.

Sorry I only half answered your question.
I charge everything at 1C so an AA@2000mah I will charge at 2A.
I can't answer your question about the TX however I would recommend removing the cells and charging them separate from the TX
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