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HK190 Fixed Pitch Heli - perhaps the world's best value helicopter


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awesome video, I tihnk i'm going to have to get one.

you fly it VERY well too, I see it can be bound to a Turnigy9x, so thats another plus for me since thats the radio I use.


How many letters do we ge
Hi guys, cheers. The resolution on the servos is pretty low (adequate though) and as you can see at about 58sec the piros aren't axial. You can also see that it can be a struggle to keep it still closeby. Really excels at big up and down the street flying (though the tail sometimes blows out on the reversals, but it always catches up). Oh, and backwards flight isn't much of an option. When I bought it the price was $60AUD for a 2 pack (just over $60USD) - last time I bought a micro FP I paid more than that for only one! It was a better heli but the betterness wasn't worth double the price!

You'll find that it is different flying to your HK450 Fred0000, but good fun none-the-less and could help with orientation training (e.g. start flying circles rather than fig 8's).