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HobbyKing MQ-9 Reaper (after the EPP-FPV review)

Hello everyone! I love this flitetest community, I am living like a second childhood :)
When I was a teenager unfortunately RC was not cheap, and plus, my engineering degree surely helps to get into the more technical aspects.
Anyway, to cut the story short, I loved the review for the EPP-FPV project, and I would like to recommend the director and staff to soon enough go to the next level of FPV review (as in from intermediate to advanced) and do a review for the MQ-9 Reaper.
Many thanks for your time, I can't miss one of your shows nowadays!

Hi! Oh wow, I just checked that project, too... Really interesting :) I am so glad also to see that italians are rather popular with this technology (I am italian, too).
Ok so, a big friendly hello to all the people in here! Loved also the excellent swedish work on RCExplorer, what I would like to see developed soon from GoPro is a genuine 3d recorder. One body could fit two lenses surely.
Actually, I did a search and noticed that the GoPro is facing some competition, finally... Does anyone have GoPro alternatives to suggest, please?
And also to try not to be off topic, can you please all of you who read also give me your comments on the MQ-9 Reaper? Because I wanted to buy it soon.
What do you suggest instead? The more traditional EPP (which is a bit old in design nowadays) or maybe the Bixler? Or maybe the Zephyr? I think it would be great to see also a new Bixler model stretched to 2 metres wingspan...


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The EPP FPV can hold an amazing payload, but it has very poor endurance because of the draggy frame. I use a Bixler, and with a 5000mAh 3s can get over an hour, where as the same battery in the EPP FPV only gives you about 25 minutes.

On the giant Bixler, Bananahobby have one - it's called a Super Skysurfer. I'd be very interested if their shipping to Australia wasn't so horrendous...

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Thankyou Lobster! The super skysufer is amazing, it's 2400 mm wingspan :) I sympathise for the shipping, I love Australia but it is always such a long flight from europe... I would really love to see an evolution of the Bixler so to raise the bar again!
Come on Joshes, let's focus on a 2000-2500 mm wingspan purpose FPV (pan and tilt, one wide angle camera only both for micro sd recording and live video feed) Bixler^2 (squared). Bixler^2 is a great catchy name I think :)