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FPV TEK SUMO 2.0 High speed mountain flyer

While flying my Floater Jet today, I was thinking that I sure would like a wing. You've totally inspired me to get the Tek Sumo. You've turned it into a Zephyr Lite! Any updates? How do you feel about the motor and prop you chose?


Junior Member
Nice Work

Phenomenal build!
Im starting to love my Tek Sumo for FPV.
I have found however i rip the ailerons if i crash it. I have used hinged joints with hot glue, found it works well.
Also, i found goop/shoe goo coating on the wings, and a length of reinforced glass fibre running along the leading edges of the wings makes it indestructible.

I have been using the battery in the under bay, but have had it damaged too many times, i think your approach is the way to go