Solved Hot glue in servo. Help!?


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So I was installing electronics into a finished airframe and when I glued in a servo, let it dry, and tested it, it would not run.I could see that some glue had gotten in and jammed the nylon gears. I don’t want to open it up without any idea of what I am doing. I also would like some advice of how to put it in without the same thing happening again. The servo was a 5g that is found in the FliteTest power pack A or F.
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This has happened to me before too. Just open up the top part of the servo by removing the screws on the top, then just remove the glue and put it back together. To make sure that it doesn’t happen again just make sure that you only glue the part in between the top and bottom covers of the servo. I don’t have any pictures now but if you need one I could take one.


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If you want to avoid glue getting in the gears, cover the top with a piece of blutac, then glue it in, then pull the blutac off.
Less is more with hot glue, learn to use smaller amounts as excess hot glue adds up to more weight as well as a messier build. Rubbing alcohol removes hot glue, if you ever need to take some off.


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+1 to using denatured or isypropyl alcohol - it doesn't really dissolve it, but it makes things un-stick really well. There's an older FT video that mentions is -
- starting at like 8:55 (but the whole video is good)