Hot glue - two questions


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Hello guys

Living in Denmark and unable to use the glue gun from flitetest since we run on 220v.
Just bought this glue gun and it looks like it can deliver the right amount of glue, when needed.

My questions are

1) What glue should I buy ? looks like there are a lot of different types
2) How long time can I work with the glue after it's applied to the foamboard? looking at the videos from flitetest, it looks like they have a lot of time to put the glue on the foamboard, before they have to stick it together. (The glue that i can buy here, gives you around 15 seconds before it's to cold)

Hope that someone can help as this is my first build where I use hot glue (Bought at FT Guinea Pig)


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The stuff many people have used on the US is this AdTech multi-temp glue

It is infamous for the dreaded "clear vs cloudy...cloudy ones don't work but maybe they do now" issue.

I bought some from amazon in the US earlier this year and it's a bit cloudy but it seems to work just fine. I've not used it extensively but build an repaired two planes with no problem. So the issue may have been a bad batch from a year or so ago. Not that it matter to you...

Anyway, it has a working time of 40s

FYI - Flite test have some new glue but they haven't published the specs and I haven't tried it.


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Just bought the ones that pressalltheknobs mentioned and since they are so cheap, it's not the end of the world if they wont do the job.


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Don't worry to much about the claimed high wattage of some guns, in most cases that's the start up wattage to give a fast start, most once hot switch to a much lower wattage, the one shown in the flitetest videos is a 200w unite that switches to 20w when hot.

I will update this post with a link to the guns and glue I use which should be available to the OP in Denmark.