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Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
I know I already tried getting deletable threads available to the originator without success but I will ask this one just in case.

I have been going over the message sent to me and while I do appreciate all of them I don't necessarily want to keep them all for posterity. I would much rather just keep the ones that I still want to reply to or act on or just remember for a bit longer.

I tried deleting the message but the only thing deleted was the message content. Everything else remained. It's like throwing away the letter and keeping the envelope. If I must keep the sender's picture I would want to keep what he wrote since it takes up the same screen space anyway.

Is there a way that I can:

1) Delete the personal messages sent to me on my wall?
2) If not can I bring back the message so I don't have to forever see that so and so sent me a message without ever again seeing the content?

Is this another thing that only a certain monkey can fix? If so perhaps a note saying what "deleting a message" actually accomplishes might save on other requests for site administrators to do the housekeeping we would be happy to do ourselves.


Rotor Riot!
Yeah that got me too... Though it's only you that can see those "envelopes". The visitors to your profile won't see them.


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
I thought I was keeping my 50 message limit under control but now I see it wasn't that at all that I was affecting. The 50 message limit, it seems, only applies to the private messages that are not privy to the rest of the forum.

The option to delete a message is misleading. Certainly we wouldn't want to only delete the content.


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Ok but even on Facebook when a post was hidden, the whole post was hidden, not just the message content. How is deleting only the message content ever a desirable outcome?


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Jim, I'll keep looking, but I dont' see where I have the option to "turn that on"

I've been a little scarce around lately, but hopefully after today I'll have some more free time. I snuck home from work for a few, today and yesterday I'm working a 7-11 shift. That's AM to PM.